Cocktails are a balanced mix of two or more drinks, harmoniously dosed to produce different flavors – new – and nothing stands out in particular. A good cocktail, as it deserves to be called, must not only be a combination of well-crafted drinks but also, because of its presentation, taste, and aroma, satisfy the taste buds and the spirit for which it was created. Want to know what cocktails serve? Get here the Perfect Cocktail Recipe for your Summer Happy Hour.

There are different ways to mix; these vary according to the drink. Here are the most frequent:

Shake by hand using a cocktail shaker, filled three-quarters of the glass with ice, preferably cubes. The ingredients are added according to their alcohol content (starting with the one with the highest alcohol content). It is mixed with vigorous motion until the water condenses outside the shaker, indicating that the drink is cold enough.

Another way is to stir the mixture in a glass. Ice is used, preferably cubes, as crushed ice can dilute the drink too much, and water condensing on the outside indicates when it is cold.

Drinks based on alcohol and fruit, including ingredients that are difficult to mix in other ways, are usually made using a blender until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. If ice is used, it must be crushed. This method should be used only when the recipe calls for it.

The last way is to add the ingredients into the glass where the drink is prepared. Usually not stirred, although sticks or straws are added to allow stirring.

Drink Decoration

Most cocktails have some decoration, usually consisting of pieces of fruit. Orange or lemon wedges, cherries, lemon zest, and herb leaves, such as mint, are most commonly used.

Another essential element in the decor is a stirrer, a wooden or plastic stick which, in addition to allowing stirring, is used in many drinks to hold fruit (unlike wooden ones, plastic ones are reusable, though they risk giving the drink a plastic taste).

Another widely used technique is reaming the glass in powdered sugar (or salt). The rim of the glass is moistened with lemon or orange, and a centimeter is soaked in powdered sugar or salt. You can also use egg whites for added stickiness or add food coloring to the sugar for a more original effect.

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