Adding a Mural to Your Property.

Adding a Mural to Your Property.

Adding a Mural to Your Property.

Once considered to be subversive acts of vandalism, the popularity of murals has begun to exceed their urban, graffiti stereotype, and are slowly becoming a bold property statement. Appearing on the exterior walls of homes, the addition of a mural focuses on customer requirements, and is a way to make your property different. As the discussion around property murals grows, here at We Buy Any House have the answers to the most common questions.

What Is a Mural?

Before we dive into the pros and cons of what exactly makes a mural, perhaps it’s best to discuss exactly what a mural is. To put it simply, a mural is a piece of artwork or design that is applied directly or illustrated onto a wall, ceiling or any other type of surface that is permenant. A mural is a great way to add a distinguishing character to a property, especially is it blends harmoniously with the surrounding architecture. 

What Are the Concerns Surrounding Murals on a Property?

Perhaps the biggest concern surrounding property murals is their effect on the value of your home. Although murals can sometimes devalue or complicate the sale of the property due to individual taste, the interest surrounding murals means homeowners are now willing to pay additional fees to have artwork featured on their property- therefore increasing property value. The argument that it is impossible to financially quantify artwork, alongside the curiosity and growing appreciation of art culture is a positive for house pricing.   

What Are the Positives of Including a Mural to Your Property?

Murals present a sense of importance for the area they’re located in. In addition to lifting the spirits and vibrancy of the local community, murals demonstrate neighbourhood improvement, bring authenticity to the area and contribute to the development of a ‘creative city’. Research demonstrates that 80% of Britons agree that property murals are an eye catching, positive investment- and the attraction of more business to the are enables the value of property to increase.

Deciding to add a mural is the easiest way to instill life into a dull wall, and to add identity and individualism to the property. Choosing a highly visible area so the art can be seen to its full extent is crucial, as it will entice onlookers who are curious to the story behind the mural. Colour scheme, vibrancy and design are all subjective to the individual- but consider: what does your property say about you as a homeowner? 

To Conclude: 

Prior to excitedly forward-thinking to the final product, the logistics behind adding a mural need to be considered. In terms of the artwork, environmental issues may be an issue. After spending money on the mural, you don’t want it to become faded or weathered over time. Furthermore, spending time researching the legalities behind a property mural is worthwhile, as you don’t want to be subjected to a legal fine regarding the few governing rules as to what you can paint on your house. After choosing your preferred artist(s), set aside time to discuss these issues. 
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