Why You Lose Muscles Instead of Fats

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Weight loss might sound so simple, burning more calories than you’re eating. But is it simple? Even a well chalked out strategy and goal might not be enough to support weight loss. You lose muscles when you start losing weight along with the fats. And if you lack muscles that are calorie burners more effective than fats, the resulting reduction in metabolism will make it much harder to lose weight. Nonetheless, you need to know the reasons why you might lose muscle mass rather than fats before you start your weight loss goal at the nearest gym in your busy schedule. Maybe you interested One Rep Max Calculator.





As mentioned earlier it is a simple equation to lose weight, burning more calories than eating. If the body does not get its basic calorie requirement, however, or if the calorie is cut drastically every next day, it will go into hunger mode and thus burn all fats and muscles.

It is recommended that you obtain an estimation of the calories you consume, and reduce them by 500 to 1000 calories. This reduction in calories will come from diet and exercise.



  • Doesn’t Include enough Protein to your Diet



Proteins must be added into the calorie intake regardless of personal fitness goals. Research has found that those who reduced their intake of calories but increased intake of protein lost more fats and added muscle mass. Proteins from eggs, meat, fish, and dairy provide all the essential amino acids required for muscle building to the body.



  • Avoiding Weight Training



A low calorie diet and a lack of resistance training will result in loss of muscle. Weights lifting is a better program to lose weight than cardio. Deadlifts and squats are more effective at removing fat from the belly than doing cardio hours.


Inculcating compound training exercises in your daily workout routine or setting aside for rigorous weight training for at least two days a week lets you lose fats while maintaining and developing muscles.



  • Not having a Proper Post Workout Meal



To replenish the body, eating within 20 minutes of working out is essential. And the broken muscle fibers will be lost in the gym. Ideally a good quality protein shake is a nutrition that’s good and easy after workout.