You Can Negotiate the Prices For Plastic Surgery


It is not a mystery the prices for plastic surgery might be a little out of the average person’s reach. However it might be possible to do a little bit of old fashion bartering when it comes to the bottom of what your surgery will be costing you. Remember never be afraid to ask for a more palatable price for that face lift or tummy tuck.

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure but it is also a competitive business, as well. The doctors are competing for your business so you do have some control of how many dollars leave your bank account. There are specific criteria that used to calculate the price of any given procedure.

The prices for plastic surgery are determined by your locality and if there are a significant amount of surgeons in your area that can perform the surgery that you are interested in. The price of a surgical procedure is also determined by an in or out patient basis. How extensive the surgery is and what the surgeon deems is reasonable for the surgery.

The prices for plastic surgery may seem concrete and one might think that they will not be flexible. However there are several ways that you can talk your way into a discount. If a family member or friend has recommended the doctor, do not be afraid to name drop. The doctor might be willing to offer a discount for a mutual friend. Or if you have referred several friends, you should not hesitate to mention this to your doctor. You will have brought new business to your doctor and you deserve to profit from that as well.

You may intend to have several procedures done over a period of time. See if the cosmetic surgery prices can be discounted into some kind of package plan. If the surgeon would like to use your before and after photos, ask for a discount. They are getting advertising material for free otherwise.

Most people know that most cosmetic surgery is voluntary and assume that their insurance will not cover it. It never hurts to try. Write a letter to the insurance company explaining how the cosmetic surgery will be a health benefit. An example is breast reduction is sometimes necessary because large breasts may cause back problems later in life and they are just uncomfortable for some women.

Planning your plastic surgeries is a great way to save money. Having a face lift right off the bat will be costly. Think of small surgeries that can be done to put off such a major surgery. Collagen injections or laser hair removal can keep you looking younger without the need for a drastic surgery.

If your consultation is not free do not be afraid to ask that the consultation fee be deducted from your final total. Plastic surgery is a competitive business, so do not hesitate to ask for what you want. If you want a particular surgeon because of reputation, you may be boxing yourself in a little. However, remember that there is always room to negotiate the prices for plastic surgery.

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