Unusual Penis Problems: Penis Acne


Most people have dealt with pimples at some point in their lives. Rare is the lucky soul who hasn’t seen a pimple on their face, neck, or even their back. But when a man sees a pimple on his penis, he might be amazed – how did acne get down there, of all places? Interestingly, men might wind up with penis acne even if they are doing their best to perform top-notch penis care on a day-to-day basis. The good news is that penis acne tends to be rather easy to treat.

More about Penis Acne

Acne on the penis usually looks exactly like pimples on the face. Some might be red with a little white spot in the middle. Others might have a brown or red tinge. Some might take their time in growing larger, while others might simply appear overnight and vanish the next day.

Just as with acne on the face, it’s never a good idea to squeeze or pick at penis acne. Doing so can force infection deeper into the skin, which can then make the pimple last much longer, or even lead to a broader infection. The best care is to ensure the area is clean, by washing with a mild cleanser, then drying it thoroughly by patting, not rubbing. Using a warm compress on the area if it hurts is a great way to help the pimple heal faster.

Is it Really Penis Acne?

Many guys worry about whether any bump or spot on their penis might be something more serious. That’s perfectly normal – after all, it’s a man’s favorite organ! When it comes to penis acne, the signs are often clear as to what it is. Not only does it look exactly like a pimple a man would see on his face, it also happens only here and there, rarely in clusters. The pimple usually clears up as quickly as one might on the face as well. For some people this might be a few days, but for others, it might be a few weeks.

If the penis acne does not go away or becomes worse, it’s time to visit the doctor to rule out anything more serious. But rest assured, usually it’s really just as simple as an annoying pimple.

How to Treat Penis Acne

Unfortunately, due to the sensitive nature of the penis skin, using the typical pimple remedies is not an option for penis acne. As mentioned earlier, keeping the area very clean and using a warm compress to mitigate any discomfort is a good idea. The warm compress can also hasten healing.

Penis acne that persists, gets worse or seems to move around with no end in sight should be seen by a doctor. Once all other causes have been ruled out, a man who is suffering from severe penis acne might be able to take oral medications that can help his body fight off the problem. These types of medications are preferred over topical medications, as creams that are designed to fight blemishes are never to be used on the penis area.

In addition to keep the skin as clean as possible and learning how to properly treat pimples when they arise, a man can step up his daily penis care through use of a specially formulated penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A man should look for a crème that contains vitamin A, for the antibacterial properties that can fight against acne, as well as alpha lipoic acid, which is known for fighting off free radicals that can lead to signs of aging. Since healing is important, vitamin E should also be included on the list. Other nutrients and vitamins, wrapped up in a luxurious Shea butter base, can help ensure a man’s penis health stays as great as possible.

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