Resveratrol – The Red Wine, Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Link


Resveratrol has gained significant media attention since recent features on both Oprah and 60 minutes. With research showing a list of benefits which include positive effects in combating some of the major issues faced in our society such as aging, weight loss and cancer it is easy to see the reason for all the excitement.

So what is Resveratrol? Essentially it is an extract which is present in the skin of a type of grape which is used to make red wine. Although the amounts present in red wine are small, it is essentially what gives red wine its health giving properties.

There are two main characteristics of Resveratrol which act to improve your health and each work together to create a power packed supplement.

How does it help Cancer and other Diseases?

Firstly it is important to understand that Resveratrol is not a magic cure when it comes to degenerative diseases. It does however help with such health issues because of the powerful anti-oxidants it contains. A major percentage of common diseases take hold because of free radicals within the body as the result of poor diet for instance. The action of antioxidants is to target such free radical elements and in doing so reduce the incidence of many degenerative diseases such as as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis just to name a few.

How Does it Help Weight Loss?

The other exciting element of Resveratrol is it’s weight loss benefits. Researchers found that Resveratrol contains an element that mimics the effects of calorie restriction. Restricting calories is one of the main ingredients to almost every weight loss system out there. The problem with most of these weight loss programs is the will power required to sustain a calorie restricting diet over the long term. With Resveratrol dieters are able to get all the benefits of calorie restriction without needing the willpower to severely limit their food intake. You are far more likely to lose weight if you do not face the drastic food limitations of a standard diet but still get all the benefits.

How it Help Aging?

Scientists have proven numerous times that by just restricting calories alone you can extend your life significantly and have proven this with tests on mice. What makes Resveratrol so powerful with regards to aging is that not only do you get the benefit of it’s calorie restricting effect, but also its powerful anti-oxidant action. The combination of these two primary benefits within Resveratrol that make its anti-aging impact so exciting.

Resveratrol has all the hallmarks of an essential supplement for anyone concerned with their own health and well-being. With effects that have a positive impact on weight loss, aging and a whole host of degenerative diseases it would appear that it is likely that Resveratrol supplements will enjoy significant sales growth into the future. With the high cost of health care and rapidly aging population the cost of these supplements would seem more like an investment in your own health rather than an expense. The general health and well-being of the population is sure to be the winner out of this exciting research.

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