Pata de Vaca and Alternative Health

Pata de Vaca and Alternative Health

Regardless of who you are, your and where you live, ailments like diabetes and other blood sugar imbalances do not discriminate. While in the United States there are sound treatments for these conditions, natives of the Amazon Rainforest region have used natural remedies for centuries. One such herb used is Pata de Vaca, or Cow’s Paw.

What is Cow’s Paw?

The Bahuinia Forticata tree, growing deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, yields Cow’s Paw, or Pata de Vaca. The large, divided leaves of the Bauhinia are thought to resemble a cow’s hoof, hence the name. Drooping white flowers supported by brown seed pods characterize this flower indigenous to the tropical regions of Peru, Brazil and Asia. The Bauhinia tree may grow as tall as 30 feet.

What’s so great about Cow’s Paw?

Like its indirect relative pedra hume, pata de vaca is known for its blood sugar restorative properties. In Amazon folk medicine, pata de vaca leaves are used for hypoglycemic and diuretic purposes. Steeped in a tea, the leaves are known to aid renal discomforts and promote blood purity and urinary health.

Does pata de vaca cure diabetes?

While pata de vaca has been shown to help regulate glucose levels in diabetics (those with onset diabetes more often than juvenile diabetes patients), it is an herbal supplement and therefore is not considered a cure. People with diabetes or other blood ailments interested in pata de vaca should first consult with a physician with regards to supplemental treatments.

Are there side effects associated with pata de vaca?

Recent research indicates no side effects. However, diabetics and people with blood sugar ailments are strongly advised to consult with their physicians before taking any kind of supplement to aid their blood levels.

Where do you buy pata de vaca?

Do an Internet search for pata de vaca and may find a number of online stores offering the herb in various forms – powders, teas, and capsules. If you decide to purchase supplements containing pata de vaca, make sure it is in the purest form available in the US, direct from the Amazon Rainforest. As always, consult with a physician or other nutritional expert before taking.

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