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I came throughout this week’s paper for the reason that the authors had referenced 1 of my PhD papers and so I obtained a notification from Investigate Gate of this actuality. The unique PhD paper referenced has been cited 231 periods (Ref 1). A quotation does not signify arrangement with your paper and so a quotation doesn’t automatically make a single come to feel constructive towards the paper citing it. Having said that, I did delight in this paper. It was novel and it created a refreshing improve from the epidemiology association publication factory. It was also despatched to me by a number of other people today and so it became a ‘must’ for a Monday notice.

The paper was referred to as “Overall Meat Ingestion is Associated with Lifestyle Expectancy: A Cross-Sectional Information Examination of 175 Contemporary Populations” and it was composed by You et al (Ref 2). The novelty was clear from the initially sentence of the summary “The association in between a plant-primarily based diet regime (vegetarianism) and extended daily life span is significantly criticised considering that it may perhaps be centered on the lack of agent facts and inadequate removing of confounders such as lifestyles.” This was not going to be the common particular person-wellness connection paper. The intention of this study was to analyze the affiliation among meat intake and existence expectancy at a population degree. This continue to establishes association, not causation, but it can (if accomplished properly) prevail over (at minimum to an extent) the balanced individual confounder.

We need to notice that hardly a couple of months ago, we examined a paper declaring that slicing meat (and dairy) would boost everyday living expectancy (Ref 3). The You et al paper concluded the opposite – that meat consumption is positively connected with life expectancy – bigger meat ingestion is affiliated with dwelling for a longer period. Let’s consider a seem.


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