Is There An Alternative, Natural Way To Manage Arthritis?


When you are faced with the pain of arthritis, is there an alternative to drugs? Many people think so. Here, Rosemary Roberts tells her story.

When did you first develop arthritis? It was in 1994. My right knee ballooned up and I was in so much pain, I was unable to sit and bend my leg, I really didn’t know what it was. When I saw my GP he told me it was an ‘arthritic flare-up’. Two years later, I had a similar episode with my left knee.

How did you first hear about The Arthritic Association? I’ve never been a tablet taker, I much prefer the natural route, and it was a dear friend of mine who first told me about The Arthritic Association. I sent off for all the information and discovered that by making changes to my eating habits it would make a huge difference. The doctor hadn’t told me that! I became a member of the Association in 2005 and have been following the Home Treatment Programme since.

Has the The Home Treatment been easy to follow? Yes, I follow the dietary advice, for example I eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but I do ‘cheat’ occasionally. Now and again I fancy lasagne, so I have it! I take the de Coti-Marsh preparations K Compound and Deep Seaweed tablets, and some of the other recommended items I buy locally.

Has it made a difference to your arthritis? Definitely! The Home Treatment Programme has kept my arthritis at bay. I am now 86 and am still very active, and there have been no more flare-ups. I believe the treatment works – and believing in it is half the battle. I would recommend anyone to give a it a try, you’ve nothing to lose after all.

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