How Himalayan Salt Could Help Your Arthritis


Our health has many enemies and one of the main ones is the salt on your table. Mankind has been abusing his body with wrong types of food for a long time.

The reason is that most of us do not grow our own food and in the main would not know where to start, so we have to relay on others to do it for us.

Those who do grow food start off with the question; what is good for my bank balance and not with the question: what’s good for our health. To maintain our health we must be prepared to adjust our living and eating habits.

It cost money to grow and eat good food but it cost far more in bad health to eat unwholesome food.

When we reach for the salt on our table, we are using a food which is not whole, for it is missing 81 elements and this means that we are slowly poisoning ourselves with an imbalanced food that is making us become weaker, unbalanced and more prone to diseases (arthritis being one of them).

But all the same, we need salt to maintain balance within our systems. So it is no good living a salt-free diet because the body would compensate by taking the salt from different parts of the body.

Osteoporosis arthritis can occur if that goes one for any length of time.

Himalayan Crystal Salt is an all-natural salt with therapeutic properties,

In parts of the world where they are wise enough to use natural salt and not refined, disease of the heart and arthritis are unknown.

This pure, natural salt is the main ingredient of the sea. When salt is mined miles from the sea it is because, over millions of years, the sea has evaporated, and this has left the salt in undisturbed deposits deep under the earth.

This is the real salt, which our bodies crave and is absolutely full of natural minerals, just like it is meant to be.

It may interest you to know that common salt is nothing more then sodium chloride. If you eat chloride it will slowly poison you and sodium will burst into flame if it comes in contact with water. In combination they are know as salt, which you have on your kitchen table; what joy.

Natural salt plays a very important part of our body’s health; in the digestion of food and is also very critical in making our hearts beat correctly. Natural salt also regulates the body’s metabolism.

It is a proven fact that if we do not get enough natural salt we could have muscles cramps, experience exhaustion, dizziness and lots more unpleasant effects.

But when you take natural salt you strengthen your joints and also utilize your food better because the natural salt helps with the digestion.

You do not even have to eat the natural salt; use it in your bath and have a good soak to relieve your joint pains and ward off arthritis joint pain. Old wives tell or not, it works. For that matter if you live near the sea swim in it as much as you can, it is truly great for arthritic conditions.

Medical people often laugh at folk remedies, but it is not all rubbish.

People who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis are found to have very low sulphate levels, so would it not make sense to use Himalayan salt because it is one of the 84 minerals in its make up. Himalayan salt is very similar to human blood so it makes very good sense to use it to maintain our good health.

Himalayan salt does have components in trace amounts that are similar to human blood. Rather then abusing your body with common salt, take care of your health with Himalayan salt.

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