Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder Treatment

Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic attacks are also known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) or panic disorder. People suffering panic disorders experience a feeling of getting a heart attack, nervousness, profuse sweating, sleeplessness etc. They tend to avoid all social situations fearing a panic attack and live a life in a shell.

It is important to understand that anxiety disorders are a result of the mind and it has nothing to do with the physical sensations experienced. Every person has a certain level of anxiety as they approach their daily life. In fact anxiety is a useful survival mechanism that protects us from possible dangers. It is when anxiety exceeds the normal levels and when the mind perceives a harmless situation to be a potential danger the fight/flight sensations like increased heart rate, palpitations will set in.

Once you understand that panic disorder is a mental condition, all efforts need to be focused on addressing this mental condition instead of treating the physical symptoms. Medications and prescription drugs are not in the right direction to give you a cure from GAD or panic disorders. Doctors, usually prescribe drugs and anti-depressants that are meant to treat the physical symptoms, maybe give you a bit of sleep or ease your sensations a little bit. But, in this process, you are likely to get addicted to the medications and face its very harmful side effects.

The above approach is very wrong as people often realize that the medications are causing them more stress and anxiety than the actual panic attacks itself. Further, medications are about running away from the problem and going back into your painful comfort zone instead of staying out and treating the root cause of panic disorder.

First step to treatment of panic disorder is to understand that panic disorder is a problem with how the mind sees a harmless situation as a potential danger. Then you need to commit to yourself that what ever may happen, I will walk out of this painful situation. Imagine a life of free expression and beauty where you are at absolute peace with yourself and the people around you.

Now that you have made the commitment, the easiest, quickest and proven method tested by many thousands of people to stop panic attacks permanently and keep it from coming forever is by using the One Move Method of Joe Barry.

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