Flavoring Coconut Oil As A Personal Lube


Personal lubricants are used for many reasons. Among those reasons is the simple fact that they enhance a sexual experience, often making it more enjoyable, more flavorful and quite simply, more fun.

Flavoring Coconut Oil:

Flavored lubricants can be a great addition to oral sex. Unfortunately, a lot of them have been reported to taste like cough syrup.

Fortunately, coconut oil is available with a natural coconut flavor. Or, if you do not like the taste of coconuts, you can simply purchase “refined” oil (without the flavor). But the fun doesn’t stop there. Because coconut oil easily melts at temperatures over 75 degrees F (or 24 degrees C), it can easily be melted in microwave or may already be a liquid, depending on your room’s temperature.

Once your coconut oil is melted, you are able to add your own flavor. Essential oils work quite nicely and they allow you to add the flavor of your choice. You can easily find and purchase a myriad of flavors, including: cinnamon, licorice, peppermint and strawberry (to name a small few). Additionally, essential oils are often accompanied by their own unique set of health benefits, thus enhancing the already present, all-natural value of the coconut oil.

Taste as you add the flavor. Don’t over flavor. Also, be aware that some oils have thermogenic properties, like cinnamon and may heat up an area when applied. So again, be careful to not add so much essential oil that a burning sensation occurs during use.

Don’t be afraid to try adding your own essential oils. Big manufacturers use them to flavor things you already eat, like foods and candy.

Use your imagination and have fun.

Removing a smaller amount of coconut oil from a larger container will allow you to change your flavor each time you use it.

How to Use a Personal Lubricant:

The best way to apply a lubricant is to use a small amount at first. Additionally, when coconut oil is used as a personal lubricant, it typically lasts an extremely long time and does not need to be re-applied.

If you are using a masturbation sleeve, you may want to apply the lubrication to yourself first and then, you may want to apply lubrication also to the sleeve itself.

As you probably know, the primary use of a lube, is to reduce friction. As a general rule, if you are applying a lubricant and it still does not slide with ease and comfort, then you need more lubricant.

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