Effective Ways to Document Your Travel Nursing Experiences

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Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs at the moment, and being a travel nurse is a great way to travel around the country and help people at the same time. 

Does travel nursing count as experience?

Yes, it does. Becoming a travel nurse actually is a great way to add to your resume, with all of the travelings and being on short-term contracts, it is a great way to add more experiences to your resume. When the hospital sees all of the experiences you have, you would have a greater chance of employment.

How do you list travel nursing on a resume?

Are you having a hard time figuring out how to add a list of travel nursing on a resume? And are you wondering what should a travel nursing assignment have, and what should I do to prepare for travel nursing? Well, here are a few traveling nurse resume secrets:

  1. Customize Your Summary

Every travel nurse position is unique and you should tailor your resume to each position that you have been a part of. An easier way for your resume is to study the assignment listing, like look for buzzwords that are being used by the hospital or facility you are applying for.

Also, you should take the time to go the extra mile:

  • Visit the company website
  • Call them with specific questions
  • Find social media groups when applicable

You should look for the qualities in their mission statement and assess if you possess

those qualities to have the hospital reached noble goals recently and what electronic

records system the facility or hospital us. This would give you the one-up and stick-out.

  1. Conquer the Applicant Tracking System

Most of the time, travel nurse resumes are submitted online and go through an Applicant Tracking System. Instead of reading all of the resumes themselves, the system itemizes your resume by skills, so here are a few tips on what you could do.

  • Mirror the job description in the key areas
  • Focus on relevant experiences
  • Format Appropriately
  • Stick with professional but relatively common formatting
  • Don’t underline words
  • Don’t use uncommon characters
  • Use plain bullets
  • Avoid color
  • Refrain adding images, text boxes, columns, tables, and anything else that the system would not be able to understand
  • Use conventional headings
  1. Include all licenses and Certifications

The best thing you could do when making your resume is to add all of your licenses and certifications so that your employers could see where else they can put you in. These include:

  • The complete title of licenses or certificates
  • Full name of the certifying body
  • The license of certificate number (when applicable)
  • The date you obtained the license or certification
  • Expiration date (if applicable)
  • Correct significations and state 
  1. Use a Spelling and Grammar Checker

CareerBuilder says that 58{32cfe9277fe13dbd9543889a26029d955ec81a8dd075f8fd1cebc225c985192b} of hiring managers automatically dismiss a resume that has spelling or grammar errors. There are a lot of tools that could help you check on your grammar and spelling so that won’t have to be a problem. You have to pay close attention to all of these small details.

  1. Choose your Words Wisely

If you want to make your resume highly impactful, you could focus on action words. These words will help the hiring manager envision your work ethic. You could also use words that let off a powerful feeling like ”executed” or “managed”.

  1. Be Highly Detailed

When the Applicant Tracking System or Hiring Manager is reviewing your resume, they look for specific details about the following:

  • Qualifications and Awards
  • Managerial Experience and Style
  • Licensing and Certifications
  • Statistics that Quantify your Successes
  1. Include the Big 6
  • Summary
    • Other people might think that sweet and short is the way to go, but put in a little more effort and write a real summary.
  • Speciality
    • This is a brief part of your resume where you would be putting a list of your specialty and the number of years you have worked in it.
  • Licenses and Certifications
    • The most effective Registered Nurse resumes show off the hard work you put into becoming the nurse that you are right now.
  • Professional Experience
    • You should add the names, city, and state of your previous employers, positions you held, employment periods, and a brief description of each of your responsibilities.
  • Computer Skills
    • Include the official name of the systems in which you have experience, amount of time you spent with each system, specific training you received in the system, and any key functions within a system.
  • Education 
    • Include the formal name of the institutes that you have attended, dates, complete title of the degree, and any honors that are specific and relevant to the job.

As a travel nurse, you are going to have a fun and flexible lifestyle that not a lot of people can have, and a lot of people could only dream of with all of these unique and exciting travel nursing jobs. It is a great way to build up your career and your reputation as a nurse.

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