Does Chocolate Cause Acne? Possibly The Most Asked Question In The 20th Century And Continuing!

Does Chocolate Cause Acne? Possibly The Most Asked Question In The 20th Century And Continuing!

Does eating chocolate really cause acne? This is the big question that almost everyone asks about acne and it has been much disputed for many years. There is hardly anyone who does not like chocolate, that is why we have always wanted to know if it actually can cause acne or not. I’m sure that you heard at least one person, or more, say that chocolate can cause acne. Well there are a lot of people that do believe this myth and do indeed try and stay away from chocolate and you are probably not sure if its true or not, otherwise you would probably be eating a bar yourself whilst reading this article.

Well there are actually two answers to this, the shorter answer is “no” and the longer one is “not really, chocolate does not cause acne”. More confused are you? I guess that probably does not explain much so I will give you a little more detail on the causes of acne so you would be able to understand. The sebaceous gland under the skin produces an oil called sebum which travels up hair follicles taking off dead cells and then moisturizing the skin. Acne starts when the sebum oil gets trapped beneath the skin, this can be caused from various reasons such as an overproduction of the oil causing the follicle to block up, dead cells that have not been cleared up properly or the pore might be blocked from the top of the skin.

So chocolate cannot cause acne on its own but a bad diet can however cause acne. Too much fat, too much sugar and any other food that can affect your individual hormone production can affect your sebum oil production which can result in acne. So basically chocolate really does not cause acne but your entire diet can. Chocolate can either be a part of a healthy diet or an unhealthy diet it all depends on you and the quantities of fatty/oily foods.

You will probably always hear personal stories from all sorts of people where they claim that some of their acne problems are actually connected to chocolate in some way or another, where in fact this is probably not caused by the chocolate itself but from their entire diet in general or it could possibly be their genetics, or the acne can even be the result of an allergic reaction to chocolate which would really be bad because almost everyone loves chocolate.

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