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In this episode of the Wellness Mama Podcast, I converse to my buddy Dr. Pedram Shojai (founder of about techniques to strengthen the foreseeable future for our children and how to make vitality in our life.
In This Episode We Discuss
1:30- The problems that future generations will face
2:04- Pedram’s new objectives for long term generations
3:30- The dilemma with typical medicine
4:20- Why he felt trapped
4:30- The “sick care” trouble
5:15- One particular of the flaws of the present wellbeing care product
6:05- What motivated him to create “Vitality”
6:40- The wheel of vitality
7:00- Rest, frame of mind, eating plan and physical exercise
7:50- Why youngsters have so considerably strength
10:28- Variations to make to improve well being
10:45- The very first prevent
10:50- Breakfast: say no to cereal
11:00- Why cereal is a large deal
11:30- Why our young children are disconnected from food
12:01- How to make constructive variations for your spouse and children
12:47- The flaw with our strategy of instructing little ones
13:40- The epidemic of young children not relocating
14:01- The attitude for kids- how to repair it
14:25- What we have to teach our kids
14:50- Your child’s foreseeable future occupation hasn’t even been invented nevertheless
15:40- Victory gardens revisited
16:30- How Big Ag messed every little thing up
18:00- Pedram’s adventures and why his spouse lost sleep
19:12- Is organic and natural meals too costly?
19:30- Why we are not prioritizing overall health
22:28- How you are throwing away electrical power
23:10- Subtle adjustments to begin creating
24:06- Hope for grown ups
25:16- Vitality screening
26:15- Cling out with me and Pedram
28:00- Tips he needs he’d gotten before in everyday living
29:01- Enable your youngsters blossom
Means Mentioned in This Episode

Dr. Pedram’s site:
Environmental Doing the job Group
Good friends of the Earth

Extra about Vitality
I not long ago obtained a prospect to watch Vitality. Dr. Pedram …


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