Bodybuilding – Best Exercises To Do To Build Muscle And Gain Weight

Bodybuilding – Best Exercises To Do To Build Muscle And Gain Weight

If you’re hungry to start adding more muscle on your frame, you need to pay careful attention to exactly what you are doing with your workouts. If you are not implementing the right types of weight training exercises into a bodybuilding program, your results are going to be less than stellar.

Here is a list of each muscle group and the best movements to do for each. Ensure that these are included in your program – and that you are lifting within the 5-8 rep range with max effort and you will be sure to start seeing good muscle growth. Note though that you are to only choose one or two exercises for each muscle group as doing more than that will be too much volume for most people and overtraining could set in.


-squats, lunges, split-squat, deadlift (with knees bent)


-romainian deadlift, one legged deadlift, deadlift with feet placed upon a 2-3″ block (toes should be on the block with the heel still on the floor)


-regular bench press, closed grip bench press, include bench press, decline bench press


-bent over row, horizontal row, close grip row, reverse grip row, pull-ups, lat pull-down


-military press, dumbbell shoulder press, behind the neck barbell press


-hanging leg raise, plank while balancing arms or feet on a medicine ball, leg raises (ensure the back is kept flat on the floor at all times)

Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘What about the biceps, triceps?’ What most people forget is that if you are doing the above exercises and lifting heavy, you actually will be getting a very good bi and tri workout in as well, therefore, you won’t really need to do much isolation work. Reversed grip rows for instance are excellent for targeting the bicep muscles, while close grip bench presses really target that tricep muscle.

So, if you’d really like, throw in one or two sets of an isolated exercise at the end of your workout, but do NOT make them a priority. They will only take emphasis away from the movements that will deliver you much better results.

Remember, you only have so much recovery ability, so if you spend a great deal of energy on these ‘little’ exercises that don’t really deliver, you’re definitely not maximizing the success you see.

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