Back Pain and Sciatica Cured by Kettlebells

Back Pain and Sciatica Cured by Kettlebells

More and more people are finding a genuine cure for their back pain and sciatica through learning how to strengthen their back muscles and correct their posture. We approach all our patients as an individual and make it a priority to first cure their back pain with the quickest method possible whether that be manual techniques, soft tissue techniques, sports massage, nerve releases and joint mobilisations. But once the pain is stabilised our priority is the show the patient how to maintain a correct posture and then strengthen their back correctly. This will fast track their back pain relief but also prevent their back pain and sciatica returning.

There is consistent research to support the use of back exercises to treat low back pain effectively. But the key is they must be the “right” ones or they are ineffective.

We have recently been getting excellent results for treatment of low back pain with kettle bells. More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of using kettle bells to help improve general health and fitness. However, their use as a treatment technique for low back pain is relatively unknown. The reason for its success is one of the kettle bell exercises known as the “swing” is one of the only safe ways of strengthening and conditioning the muscles of the lower back. The swing also mimics the daily movements of the lower limb making the exercise functional to daily life. Therefore, the lower back muscles not only just become strong; they become strong throughout the movements that most human being’s do on a daily basis.

Many lower back strengthening exercises focus solely on the lower back muscles themselves which can cause pain. During daily movements, muscles work in combination with each other. This means it is important to strengthen the whole trunk musculature together with the abdominal muscles and the gluteal muscles. Together these muscles support and control movement of the spine. The swing is perfectly designed in order to work the lower limb muscles whilst safely strengthening the lower back muscles at the same time.

Other ways to use kettle bells to treat low back pain and sciatica include Rotational side bends and Turkish Get Up. These both involve most of the muscles in the body and for this reason trains the back to become strong functionally. In general someone with a strong back and strong abdominal will not get back pain. It is critically important for patients with back pain to exercise, get fit and learn the correct way to strengthen their spine. We have seen time and time again patients who have seen “everybody”-chiropractors, surgeons, physical therapists and osteopaths without success, gain complete pain relief through learning to use their trunk correctly and strengthening their spine.

This approach enables the body to be strengthened as a whole which is both safe, functional and highly effective. This approach works! And what’s more-as we are strengthening muscles and burning calories, it it is one of the fastest ways to lose weight too! Bonus!

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