Aromatherapy’s New Secret Weapon

Aromatherapy’s New Secret Weapon

Stressed out at work? Lost your focus on writing that proposal? Or is it the mid-afternoon slump that’s causing your work performance to take a dive?

The quick-fix remedy for many office workers is a trip to the staff room for a caffeine fix. For others, it’s a prescription pill that helps rev up the energy. Or, maybe you’re one of a dying breed of smokers who heads outside for a puff or two.

Chemical stimulants to help manage our stress, perk up our moods or focus our thoughts have been around for centuries. The trouble is they are a temporary solution and unhealthy at best.

There are healthier ways to manage your moods while at work such as the health benefits of aromatherapy which uses natural essential oils to assist in mood management.

Essential oils are distilled from the bark, flowers, or leaves of a plant and can provide physical and psychological benefits. They are more than just a great addition to a relaxing massage or bath. The use of essential oils can enhance moods, decrease stress, help prevent disease and lessen pain.

But short of lighting an aromatherapy candle or plugging an aroma diffuser into the wall, the benefit provided by inhaling essential oils is a luxury left to enjoy at home or in a spa. The demand for fragrance-free environments has curbed the use of dispersing aromas into the office atmosphere to enhance one’s moods.

However there is now an alternative. Aromatherapy is going portable. A new personal inhaler has recently come on the market that eliminates dispersing the aromas into the air or the need to handle the volatile oils. This new development will give aromatherapy a whole new level of access to individuals who recognize its health benefits.

The aromapod is a small, credit-card sized inhaler that delivers the health benefits of aromatherapy through an innovative inhaler that is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. The essentials oils are infused into a 100% cotton wafer housed inside the aromapod, so not liquids are present. They are discreet, non intrusive and easy-to-use.

Just slide the aromapod open, inhale deeply 3 to 5 times, and close.

“There is a huge market for this innovation,” says 56-year old business executive Linda Ryan who uses aromatherapy on a daily basis to help manage her moods. “With the aromapod, I can enjoy the essential oils without having to deal with the complaints about the dispersing the aromas.”

Aromatherapy, considered an alternative healing technique only 30 years ago, is rapidly gaining acceptance as research reveals the healing power of essential oils and the benefit it has on health and well being. Aromatherapy is a going through a huge growth phase with more and more companies adding essential oils to their product lines including make-up, skin creams, hair products and even cleaning products. Since essential oils are natural, they are seen as a wise alternative to synthetic chemicals.

“Aromatherapy is about as green as you can get,” claims Ryan. “It’s nature’s own healing balm.”

Billed as an alternative to chemical stimulants, the aromapod inhalers last about 1-2 month of average use. The company that developed the product, The SOS Lab, has six common moods states to choose from: Awake, Calm, Harmony, Focus, Energize and Sensual. Several other blends will become available, including aromapods for anxiety, jet lag, PMS and headache relief.

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