Are carbs good or bad? – Nics Nutrition

Are carbs good or bad? – Nics Nutrition

As a country – we Enjoy to demonise sure food items and food stuff teams! In excess of the earlier couple many years, there’s been a trend for ‘cutting carbs’ fuelled by eating plans these types of as Atkins, Keto, Dukan to identify a several, as well as phrases these as ‘no carbs right before marbs!’ or ‘carbs make you fat’.

Many of these phrases and weight loss plans have confused people with the great importance of carbs, producing them out to be ‘bad’ or a driver of fat acquire. But in point, no meals is inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – it is dependent on the part and frequency in which we consume them (+ of program how we cook them and what we add to them!)

Carbs also have the Identical amount of money of energy per gram as protein (4 kcal/g), in comparison to 9 kcal/g for fats!⁣


1️⃣ Strength – Carbs are the body’s principal supply of electrical power. When we eat them, our human body breaks them down into glucose which is then transported into the bloodstream to our organs that call for it. It can also be stored as glycogen in the liver and applied when our entire body wants it – e.g. for motion!

2️⃣ Cognitive Performing – Our mind needs approx. 120g of glucose a working day to aid optimum mental overall performance – like focus, memory and studying. A diet regime deficient in carbs may perhaps induce tiredness, ‘brain fog’ and complications.

3️⃣ Calorie intake – Carbohydrates (which includes grains, potatoes, fruit, dairy, starchy veg and some protein foods this kind of as beans) tend to make up close to 50 percent of an common adult’s calorie intake if this is not fulfilled, there could be a depletion of power to assistance body weight management, our mind and other organs in the body. ⁣

4️⃣ Spare protein and fat for their makes use of! – Consuming plenty of carbs will make confident our overall body does not resort to applying (way too substantially) protein or fats rather, which are essential for bodily functions these kinds of as advancement, repair and nutrient absorption.

5️⃣ Fibre – Fibre from advanced carb resources such as whole grains, fruits and veg are critical for a healthy digestive process and supporting risk reduction of some health conditions this kind of as style 2 diabetic issues and coronary heart ailment.

🤔 What are your fave carbs?!

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