Alternatives to Paying Speeding Fines – Considerations Before You Pay the Speeding Ticket


You may be in a position where you can’t really afford the fines on the speeding ticket and are looking for some alternative to help you afford paying for the ticket, getting a reduced fine, or getting the ticket dropped all together.

None of the tips are guaranteed to work 100% of the time, but it doesn’t hurt to try them when really need some options.

One option is to write the officer who pulled you over. You can also call them but writing a letter is generally less obtrusive. Explain what is going on in your life financially or explain the situation around the traffic violation. If you are planning on taking it to court and fighting, this isn’t the best idea as an excuse will sound like a form of guilt, but at the same time the officer has the digression to drop the charge and may feel compelled to do so.

Another alternative is to ask for a different form of punishment in when before the traffic judge. The best alternative punishment is traffic school since it will cost less than the ticket fine and won’t raise your insurance rates. If you have had a good driving record, this is normally something a judge will consider.

If you really don’t have the money, ask the judge if you can do community service. In many places you will get a minimum wage rate or near it. You will be doing something like picking up trash along the road or maintaining a local park. It will be fairly easy work and your ticket can be paid off fairly quickly. It’s not horrible to get some extra fresh air and exercise either.

One of the best options is actually fighting the speeding ticket in court trying to win and get the ticket dropped all together. But if you have already admitted guilt to the officer when they pulled you over by saying you are sorry for speeding or won’t do it again or similar language, the officer will bring this up in court and you will probably end up losing.

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