Alternative Treatment of Cancer – 2 Methods to Cure Cancer Naturally


In this article I will talk more about two alternative cancer treatments that have proved to be very successful. People should always be opened for alternative ways to treat diseases and not only use conventional ways that have proved to be ineffective by themselves. Patients who have beat cancer have used several treatments at the same time and like I said, I will talk more about two of them.

Diana Dyer

After a breast cancer diagnosis Diane Dyer, a former hospital dietician, decided to learn as much as possible about cancer. She has published a 54-page nutrition and cancer booklet called “A Dietician[ cancer story” Diane Dyer who has survived cancer three time herself talks about many different approaches to improve the quality of cancer patients life.

There approaches include changes in lifestyle, such as exercise, diet, meditation and other techniques that are not alternatives to conventional medicine but rather as complementary. These strategies are valuable during treatment and also during recovery. The best way to regain your health is to eat right. All the refined sugars and processed foods are creating the perfect environment for cancer to grow.

Dr. Flavin-Koenig

She is an advisor to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) in the U.S. and based on 23 years of observations of cancer she recommends the following:

Vitamin A – from cod liver oil. Dosage: 1 gram a day. This causes programmed cell death (apoptosis) and “limits the rate of DNA synthesis in most tumors. Synthetic Vitamin A and that found in fish oils, liver oil, can be toxic if taken in excess.

Beta Carotene – Vitamin A in plant form. Dosage: 200 mg a day. It makes cells more sensitive to immune therapy, as well as hyperthermia and chemotherapy and it inhibits the “bcl-2” gene. Dr. Flavin-Koenig uses also low-dose chemo, but only to treat colon and lung cancer but says “it is not enough alone.”

Fish Oil – Dosage: 4 grams per day. It inhibits angiogenesis and the “ras” gene that feeds the growth of tumors.

Soy Products – “inhibit the receptors for hormones” and are therefore effective in treating prostate cancer.

Vitamin C – It increases hydrogen peroxide in the tumor cells. Dosage: 3-5 grams a day spread through the day or 3 grams a day combined with 5-7 grams by IV twice a week.

Sodium Selenite – It inhibits the protein Kinase C. Dosage: 400 micrograms a day.

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