Alternative Social Networking Sites to Try

Alternative Social Networking Sites to Try

A new social network that is soft launching this month. Yesterday the members got to see what is like to buy and sell tags. It is all very exciting but by 2:15 p.m. it was paused, major bugs in the system but will be back as soon as Monday.

Tag Village also will have connectivity to other social networks so that when you are on tag-village you will be able to post your info, message, picture, for example, LinkedIn, or Myspace, Profit sharing, point converted to cash will help several members of Tag-Village to earn an income.

Charity contributions are a major part of this social network, as well as a search engine so that you do not have to leave the site. You can also upgrade, or remain a free member, but you will not have the option of buying and selling tags. The site has webinars that keep us the member up-to-date, as well as a group on Skype, and a forum to talk and get the latest information. Tags take time and research to have a really good tag.

The calendar for the site has several good topics for discussion with a Q & A with members with very informative tips and tricks.

I am truly excited about this site with all of the options it will have when it is fully operational. Hope to see you at the village, and don’t forget to say hi! If all goes well from the news that has been posted it will fully launch before summer.If interested I am usually on Facebook The only way to join Tag-Village is by invitation.

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