Air Conditioning Increases the Incidence of Asthma

Air Conditioning Increases the Incidence of Asthma

Technological miracles have made our lives simpler and convenient. It has become possible to control our surroundings and work as per our convenience. However, despite these phenomenal changes, we have become more susceptible to a number of ailments and disorders. For example, asthma a breathing complication, which was earlier thought to be triggered by pollution, caused by vehicles and factories has now found to be caused largely by allergens at home. Apart from dust and smoke, this breathing complication is also caused by household appliances such as air conditioners. It is important to note different people react differently to the temperature changes. For asthmatics, variations in temperatures often result in a sudden attack. This explains why air conditioners are considered harmful for asthmatics.

Notably, research reports suggest that people working in rooms where air conditioners remain on for more than seven hours are more likely to suffer from asthma than those who do not stay in air conditioned rooms for longer hours. This is also because the air conditioners have an adverse impact in rooms that may have pollen and dust particles. Prompted by these revelations, a number of asthmatics are now opting for fresh air over the air conditioned rooms that they have become so used to. Moreover, doctors are also seen recommending their asthmatic patients to turn off their ACs when not required.

Asthmatics who stay near beaches are advised to go for walks everyday as regular walks on the beach can help them to inhale fresh air. More importantly, to reduce their dependence on air conditioning systems, people are seen keeping their windows open during day and evening times. It is now widely believed that by keeping the air conditioners off, asthmatics can not only minimize sudden asthma attacks but also play a crucial role in preserving nature.

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