3 goals of Short-term Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs

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Short term drug and alcohol abuse treatment programĀ  follows a 12-step approach to provide drug treatment. It is an intensive but relatively small treatment process. Physicians first designed therapy for curing alcohol addiction. But during the cocaine issue during the 1980s, many began to use the technique for treating other addictions.

You can treat both residential and outpatient programs in a short-term format. However, according to research, the success rate of long-term treatment is more extensive than short-term. In short-term treatment programs, you can save a lot of money. There are much confusion when you are thinking about a short-term treatment program. One common question is what can I expect from the program.

Three goals of short-term treatment 

  1. To help you get back to the natural strength and ability

 Restoring your innate power and independence is the primary purpose of short-term treatment. It enables you to recover from surgery, illness, stroke, injury, or other medical injuries. For achieving the goal, the rehab provides a group of professionals. 

These professional work with you to find out your treatment need according to individual therapy. Then the professionals prepare a personalized plan for treating your problem.

The Short term Drug and alcohol abuse treatment program is the most intensive type. You can choose among different option how you want to spend your three-hour session. The option includes a session with a therapist, medical care, monitoring pain, and nursing or personal care. This treatment ensures steady and progressive growth in the body.

  1. Speeding the process of regaining strength 

Another goal of a short-term treatment program is to help people gain their strength as quickly as possible. They provide support to recover your medical condition in a medically safe manner. The time a patient takes to get back to his usual strength and perform his daily activity varies from person to person. But the whole team will be working with you to assist you in recovery.

  1. Recovering safely and conveniently

They provide round the clock service to their patient to support them whenever needed. You are free to access the facility of therapy and another session if you need them. A very safe and cozy environment is maintained to make you feel comfortable. You will have extreme care and support to protect you from any injury. Doctors and nurses will guide you if you need medications and at the time of experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

If you require any personal care service or snack or healthy meals, it is available for you twenty-four-seven. You will not have to worry about safety and security during your stay. All will be taken care of by the faculty so you can concentrate on recovery and strengthening.

Cost of short term treatment

Short term drug and alcohol abuse treatment programĀ are low-cost rehab centers. If you are facing any financial problems, this is an excellent option for you. Many do not join rehab centers because of economic reasons, but you do not find any burden here. The recovery rate is also high, so there is an excellent chance that you will get treated at a low cost.


If you are facing a problem, whether you are short of time or money, you can consider a short-term treatment program. The staffs offer excellent assistance and support. You will be able to recover faster and better after joining one. Even if you know someone who is suffering from the same problem you can recommend them also. Learn more about addiction and rehab centers by clicking the link http://rehabanaheim.com/ .

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