Womens and Beauty Products

Specially women are more interested in their beauty. They do much care of their skins and other outer looks. They want opposite gender to be attracted towards them. It may also be the reason that they also do much care of their face outlook. When we meet or see any known people or strangers, our first look would be on their face. It applies for both men and women.
Body figure also plays a vital role in their outer look so, they always maintain their body figure which also makes the women attractive and it is what a woman wants. They remain more conscious selecting eating items. They usually eat less to be slim. This has resulted different health issues such as gastric, ulcer etc. They further frequently visit doctor for plastic surgery to be more attractive. It finally causes again health problem basically skin related issues.
In general, women use more beauty products. Men also use their beauty products but much less comparing to women. There are many beauty products available in the market. Specially women have their separate makeup room in their houses where they do their all make up using beauty products. They are more conscious in their beauty than a man. Many married men look attractive because their wife really makes them up. The woman also wants their husband more attractive and handsome.
Besides, women tend to be more serious about their beauty. They frequently remain anxious that husband could marry another woman if they could not look as beautiful as husband wants. It is generally appeared among the women of urban areas. Therefore, they spend more amount of money in their appearance. In order to collect money and to spend freely, a woman works as well. They do not support in other family expenditure in general.
On the other hand, the women from the rural areas do not care about their appearance because they remain busy every time in household works. It does not mean females from the rural areas does not take care about the beauty products and parlour. They also want to be more attractive but they look like naturally beautiful. They do not believe on outward beauty. They are internally more sincere and beautiful. I believe that women in the country side do not also have sufficient money and they are not influenced by the global market as well.
A woman wants to consume the products as per they watch in the different means of advertisements. At the moment, the access of internet has reached in the rural areas as well. The internet service providers (ISPs) have extended their service around the urban areas as well. Unlike this, the social medias also contributed to advertise those products. It has gradually influenced women from the remote areas. They also attracted on them. I think it is all because of business policy of the beauty products.
Finally, the beauty products have produced goods based on people’s consuming capacity. Sometimes, the low-quality products have adverse effects on health that resulted the even skin cancer as well. Therefore, I believe that the consumers also have to be sincere to their health applying various beauty products. They should not forget that health is everything rather than outer appearance.

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