Treatment of Lower Back Pain With Ayurveda

In recent times due to tension, wrong food habits and out of order life style, the levels of sickness has increased at a high rate. Almost everyone is dependent on some type of medicines it may be allopathic or homeopathic. These medications have their side effects which can affect your health more badly. The role of ayurvedic treatment in curing constant problems is remarkable.

Severe pain in the spinal cord region can be very unbearable to patients. This pain can restrict an individual from working and diminishes health at a rapid rate. More than 70% of people suffer from back problems at some point in their life cycle. This is a very common type of problem among women. If this problem is ignored at the early stage then later on it can turn into a serious issue.

Pain in lower back is now a very common problem among people. This is a very continuous type of problem and is characterised with sharp or dull pain in the lower back region.

Basic Causes of Back Pain:

This chronic condition is caused because of many reasons that we will discuss below:

  • One of the most common causes for lower back pain is wrong posture habit. A proper balanced posture of the body decreases the amount of pressure of stress on your back by keeping the bones and muscles in a natural position.
  • Back pain might also occur due to some health problems like scoliosis, osteoporosis and spinal stenosis.
  • A blow or major fall can also tear or sprain tissues around spinal cord region which may cause severe back pain and neck pain.
  • Another cause back injury is doing incorrect exercise and lifting too much weight.

Most people follow the conventional treatment that involves short wave diathermy, temporary rest, traction, weight control and use of steroids to kill the pain. But if all these treatments fail then surgical intervention is considered as the final treatment.

Curing With the Help of Ayurveda:

Ayurveda believes that pain in the lower back region occurs due to vitiation of one of the three “doshas”(principals). Lower back pain or ‘Kateegraham’/’Prishtasoola’ is a sign of Vata aggravation. Strong medications and drugs are not recommended as the can have severe side effects. Ayurveda believes that back pain occurs due to weakness in muscle and bone.

Internal as well as external treatments are followed for curing back pain. Ayurveda tries to bring the vitiated principal back to balance to restore healthy state. Regular purgation is highly recommended to restore the state of vitiated ‘dosha’ back to balance. Internal treatment includes herbal preparations like ‘Asthavargam’.

Other ayurvedic treatments like ‘Basti’ and ‘Abhyanga’ are also very effective to counter back pain. Ayurveda also includes many ‘Yogas’ or exercises are also practiced to make the spine strong and properly aligned.

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