RESv Pure and Resveratrol – Partners in Anti-Aging

RESv Pure and Resveratrol – Partners in Anti-Aging

Resveratrol is currently taking the world by storm with it’s promises of increasing energy, preventing heart problems, and even delaying the aging process, and if you are to believe the advertisements, REZV PURE is the best way to get your dosage of it. 150 mg of resveratrol is packed in each tablet of REZV PURE, and you take it by letting it melt in the mouth. According to the producers of the supplement, this is the best way yet to take the nutrient. Can it really erase the years as well as erase heart disease as it seems to promise? Will it work as advertised or is it just a fresh batch of empty hype that is so rife in the health industry?

We first learned of resveratrol because of the so-called French Paradox, which explored the reasons why the French suffered so few heart problems despite their fat-laden diet. The evidence pointed to their large consumption of wine as the cause of this near-immunity, and later on the component in the wine that was mostly responsible for this property was found to be resveratrol. The list of benefits coming from the consumption in large quantities of the component also pointed to the mitigation of diabetes and liver related disease, counteracting the bad effects of a high-calorie diet, and even the prevention of breast cancer.

Resveratrol has also been found to be concentrated in grape skins, making it relatively easy to access and harvest. In combination with all its purported benefits, the nutrient has now become the new star of the health and nutrition industry. The latest development in this arena is REZVPURE, and is promising to be the most practical way yet for getting access to these benefits. The tablets are grape-flavored and carry the equivalent of 150 glasses of wine in its resveratrol content, but without the sugar or alcohol.

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