Protect Your Health With Shower Filters for Hard Water

Showerhead filters are essential to your shower’s health. They allow you to enjoy fresh and clean-tasting bathing with a reduced risk of developing skin and hair dryness. Shower filters for hard water come in different types, including shower head filters for normal, low-pressure, and high-pressure water. Depending on the type and use of your shower, the type of filter you need might be different.

There are shower head filters for hard water that work best if you have dry skin or hair problems. Various types of filtration are designed to reduce the presence of soap scum, grease, and oils, and to soften water. Shower filters for hard water are also usually designed to remove chlorine, making it safer for you to bathe with. Chlorine, one of the most common chemicals used in water purification, causes dry skin, hair loss, and an increased risk of developing cancer. Hard water makes it harder for soap to lather and strips away the natural oils produced by your skin, leaving you with dry, brittle hair that breaks easily.

Block the absorption of excess salt

In addition, shower head filters for hard water also block the absorption of excess salt, which can cause damage to your plumbing system. Salty water, along with other impurities, can build up in the pipes, causing severe damage over time. These impurities combine with the bacteria and algae that naturally occur in your pipes and the hot water tank. Once the bacteria and algae accumulate, you will start seeing annoying green stains on the tiles, walls, shower pan, and floor.

Remove any potentially harmful bacteria

Showerhead filters for hard water do more than prevent chemicals from building up in your pipes and drain pipes, they also remove any potentially harmful bacteria. Most people already know that showering with tap water is not healthy, but the Environmental Protection Agency advises that you should shower with tap water at least once a day, to avoid exposure to potentially toxic chemicals. Hard water contains a significantly higher risk of chemical residues. Using a shower head filter for hard water ensures that you won’t be subjected to harmful toxins in your daily shower.

One of the most common types of shower head filters for hard water is the key filter. These filters use special four-step processes to ensure that you remove all possible contaminants from your water supply. The first step is the point of entry screening, where all possible contaminants are identified and removed from the supply. This includes VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which include petrochemicals like toluene, acetone, and heavy metals. The next steps include the sub-micron filtration, where the microscopic particles of contaminants are trapped, and then removed using a carbon filter.

Filtering process removes the contaminants

The last step of the filtering process removes the final contaminants, leaving you with one clean and healthy unit. KDF shower head filters are designed for both hot and cold water and can help keep your hair, skin, and hair feeling silky smooth all the time. You’ll appreciate the rest of the kit when you’re done with your bathing experience. KDF shower head filters come in a variety of sizes to fit most standard showering tubs, and they’re an affordable investment in your health and your hair.

In addition to helping to protect your health and your hair, KDF shower head filters also make a great gift. Many people don’t realize the damage that the presence of chlorine can have on the skin, especially in younger children who often play outside or swim pools. Even adults should consider giving a shower head filter to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals like chlorine. With so many options in the marketplace today, it’s easy to find the perfect solution to your home water supply.