Ancient Chinese Remedies and Anti Aging Remedies

Ancient Chinese Remedies and Anti Aging Remedies

Traditional Chinese medicine is being used around the world to fight aging of the skin. While in western society it is common for products to treat just surface wrinkles, many Asian remedies focus on the more complex issues that lay deep within the skin. Chinese herbs are used to make masks, creams and drinks to promote healthy skin and a healthy body.

Many Chinese remedies believe that promoting a healthy body is the way to create perfect skin. It is said that with the ideal diet and daily healthy remedies that anyone can fight the look of aging. For anyone who wants to look younger or stay looking younger, it is recommended that the following tips be followed.

For a great drink every morning, you can try Ren Shen or an also known as the Chinese Ginseng root. It has many benefits as well as increasing elasticity in the skin. Ginseng is the most precious of herbs and it has triterpenoid saponins which are powerful molecules that can reduce stress and the general feeling of being tired. It is packed with antioxidants that can neutralize wrinkles and cause tissue formation to increase.

Ginseng can nourish the entire five organ system which is the; heart, lungs, spleen, kidney and liver. It is able to boost the skins metabolism and replenish nutrients. It can also slow the aging process down and decrease wrinkles in the skin.

The way to apply this herb is to soak two grams of ginseng in 4oz of fresh water for thirty minutes. Then you steam the liquid for an hour and drink half before breakfast and the rest of it the next morning. Follow this routine for ten days and notice a huge difference in your skin!

Masks are an excellent way to fight the look of aging. They are easy to whip up and feel like you`re at the spa when you apply it. Pearl powder was used by the ancient Chinese Queens a long time ago. Pearl powder has amino acids and trace elements to rejuvenate the skin.

For this mask, you simply mix one teaspoon of pearl powder with an egg white and half a teaspoon of honey and water. Apply to the face for twenty minutes and then rinse with warm water. For best results give yourself a mini rinse and massage before and after the mask to stimulate skin follicles.

Asian cultures also belief that the food we consume attributes to the look of our skin. It is said that there are many foods designed to delay the aging process. It is also noted that the ideal diet should include a pH balance of the right combination of acidic foods and alkaline foods for the optimal healthy skin. Alkaline foods would include things such as; peaches, papayas, mangos and green vegetables. A pH balanced diet would compile of things such as; meats, white sugars, wheat flour, and citrus foods.

The final step in creating the ultimate Asian herb induced anti-aging regimen, is to get some acupuncture on the body to promote a healthy flow from the inside to the out. The pressure points are known to keep the body healthy and in turn make the skin extra healthy and strong.

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