Panel, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness” (CP)

pocketfeministConsole-ing Passions Conference, Dublin
June 18-20, 2015

Following on from Amsterdam, this conference in the (institutional) home city of two of the co-editors (Anthony P. McIntyre and Diane Negra) of The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness, Dublin, marked an opportunity for those involved in the project to showcase our work to a wider audience. A pre-eminent feminist conference on all aspects of media, Console-ing Passions (fast approaching its 25th anniversary) has a reputation for attracting innovative and groundbreaking research and thus seemed an apt choice to introduce our work. The papers delivered were as follows:

  • Anthony P. McIntyre: “Ted, Wilfred, and the Guys: Cuteness, Raunch Culture and Animal-Human Hybridization”
  • Julia Leyda: “Abjection, Animality, and Cuteness in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
  • Joshua Paul Dale: “Cute vs. Kawaii in the Works of Sputniko!”
  • Joyce Goggin: “Affective Marketing and The Kuteness of Kiddles”

Unfortunately Joyce Goggin was unable to attend the event, but Joshua gamely delivered Joyce’s very personal paper to an appreciative audience. Dale’s own paper was some fresh research that highlighted the transgressive use of cuteness by two contemporary Japanese artists. An inquisitive audience probed the panelists as to other areas of cuteness to be covered in the forthcoming anthology and there were interesting discussions relating to how cuteness intersects with issues of race and age.