Cuteness Seminar and Workshop

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 16.53.28Universiteit van Amsterdam
October 1-2, 2015

This two-day event brought back some familiar faces and included some new ones to Amsterdam, where we expanded our exploration of this capacious topic into new directions. Presentations by book contributors Matt Cornell and Maria Pramaggiore provoked new debates about cuteness and masculinity, particularly in military contexts. Nadia de Vries, Ingeborg Hasselgren, and Erik Steinskog made strong contributions to the study of the power relations implicit in our relations to cute objects and the complexities in popular culture phenomena such as toys, character goods, social media, and star texts. Pushing our inquiries in the area of machine cuteness, Julia Leyda, Anthony P. McIntyre, and Teresa Heffernan gave talks on cute aesthetics and affects as they inform representations of robots, androids, and AIs.

We gratefully acknowledge masterful organizing by Joyce Goggin and Nadia de Vries and funding by the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, the Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies, and the Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research.