April: Joshua Paul Dale, Graduate seminar, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness,” Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, Tokyo Gakugei University

March: Joshua Paul Dale and Julia Leyda, co-curators, “Kosmorama Goes Kawaii” seminar on Japanese cuteness at the Kosmorama International Film Festival in Trondheim, Norway

February: Joshua Paul Dale, invited lecture, “Cute vs. Kawaii,” Kokubunji International Association, Tokyo


April: Joshua Paul Dale, Special Lecture in Cultural Studies, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness,” Department of English Literature, Sophia University, Tokyo

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February: Diane Negra, Research Seminar, “Animality, Cuteness and Entrepreneurialism in My Cat From Hell,” School of Media and Film, University of Winchester, UK


December: César Albarrán-Torres, Joshua Paul Dale, Maria Pramaggiore, Panel, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness,” Crossroads in Cultural Studies Annual Conference, Sydney, Australia

December: Julia Leyda, Keynote, “Cute 21st-Century Post-Fembots.” Encoding the Future: Perspectives on the Making of the ‘Human.’ International Symposium, Institute for English and American Studies, Universität Siegen, Germany

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September: Joyce Goggin, Opening Presentation, “Why Cats?” Cinemeow Cat Video Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands

September: Diane Negra, Keynote Address, “Cuteness, Womanliness, and the Meg Ryan Star Persona,” The Politics of Beauty: Discourses and Intersections in the Global Sphere Conference, University of Cambridge, UK

July: Joshua Paul Dale, Ingeborg Hasselgren, Debra J. Occhi, Panel, “Disruptive Kyara: The Roles of Communication, Resistance and Subversion Played by Cute Characters in Global Cultural Flows,” Cultural Typhoon Annual Conference, Tokyo, Japan

July: Julia Leyda, Guest Lecture, “Cute 21st-Century Postfembots,” Institut für Medien- und Kulturwissenschaft, Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf, Germany

July: Julia Leyda, Guest Lecture, “Cute 21st-Century Postfembots,” North American Studies Program, Georg August Universität Göttingen, Germany

June: Julia Leyda, Paper, “Resilience, Race, and Feminism in Female-Centered Serial TV,Seriality, Seriality, Seriality: The Many Lives of the Field That Isn’t One Conference,  Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

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April: Diane Negra, Keynote Address, “Animality, Domesticity and Entrepreneurialism in My Cat From Hell,” University College London Americas Research Network Conference, London, UK

April: Maria Pramaggiore, Guest Lecture, “Military Cuteness: Gaga, Beyoncé, YouTube, and the Deployment of Soft Power in the War on Terror,” University of St. Andrews, UK

April: Joyce Goggin, Matt Cornell, Maria Pramaggiore, Rebecca M. Gordon, Julia Leyda, Panel, “Multiplatform Cuteness: Media and Cute Affect,” SCMS Annual Conference, Atlanta, USA

January: Diane Negra, Guest Lecture, “Animal Internet Celebrity: From Knut to Cecil,” Distinguished Lecture Series: “Cultures of Celebrity,” Universität Wien, Austria

January: Anthony P. McIntyre, Joyce Goggin, Diane Negra, Rebecca M. Gordon, Panel, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness,”  MLA Annual Conference, Austin, USA


December: Joyce Goggin, Paper, “Gambling, Boredom, and Cuteness,” Bland, Boring, Banal: Lackluster Feeling and Digital Media in Extreme Times, Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands

October: Julia Leyda, Guest Lecture, “Machine Cuteness and Sociality in Contemporary US Culture,” Institute of North American Studies Research Colloquium, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

October: Joshua Paul Dale, Guest Lecture, “Cute Studies: An Emerging Field,” Central Washington University, Ellensburg, USA

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February:  Diane Negra, Joyce Goggin, Rebecca M. Gordon, Joshua Paul Dale and Anthony P. McIntyre, International Symposium, “The Aesthetics and Affects of Cuteness,” Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, USA


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