piggy bankWelcome to the piggy bank page of the cuteness project! Since 2014, our cuteness-related research and events have received an avalanche of support in the form of travel grants, invitations to present, event hosting, and many other invaluable contributions.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge financial assistance from the following institutions and organizations:

  • College of Arts and Letters (Northern Arizona University)
  • Center for International Education (Northern Arizona University)
  • English Department (Northern Arizona University)
  • Comparative Culture Studies Department (Northern Arizona University)
  • Honors College (Northern Arizona University)
  • Office of the Provost (Northern Arizona University)
  • Seed Funding Grant (University College Dublin)
  • Humanities Institute (University College Dublin )
  • Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis
  • Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis
  • Amsterdam Centre for Globalisation Studies
  • Amsterdam Institute for Humanities Research
  • International Research Travel Fund (Tokyo Gakugei University)
  • International Research Travel Fund (Sophia University)
  • Institute of North American Studies (Dresden University of Technology)
  • William O. Douglas Honors College (Central Washington University)
  • Popular Seriality: Aesthetics and Practice Research Unit (Free University of Berlin)
  • Global Research Initiatives, Office of the Provost (New York University)